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Manufacturing Processes

Geophysmash LLC performs the following manufacturing processes:

1.Machining of metals
  • turning;
  • milling;
  • jig boring;
  • heat treatment;
  • welding (argon arc).

2.Sheet/plate metal forming
  • shearing;
  • punching and perforating;
  • bending.

3.Manufacture of photomasks for the following:
  • single-sided printed circuit boards (PCBs);
  • single-sided PCBs with protective solder masks;
  • double-sided PCBs;
  • double-sided PCBs with protective solder masks;
  • single and double sided PCBs with silk screen printing.

4.Protective and decorative galvanized coating
  • bright zinc plating with chrome plating (on steel)
  • white zinc plating (on steel);
  • zinc plating of fasteners (steel)
  • anodizing of aluminum and its alloys with yellow or black colors;
  • oxidation (bluing) of steel fasteners and parts.

To place an order, write to: sale@gfm.ru