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LLC Geophysmash can manufacture more than 200 Kedr laboratories of different versions, about 350 Kedr downhole instruments and up to 1000 Rhumb petroleum production automation systems.

Core manufacturing processes, management and technical services are located in a fore-story building; the total area of the company’s production facilities is over 7,000 sq. m (75,350 sq. feet).

Auxiliary processes (power equipment shop, heat-and-power shop, electric equipment shop, logistic services and warehouses) are located in three single-story arched-roof buildings. LLC Geophysmash has its own transformer substation and boiler house providing for uninterrupted power supply and proper performance of manufacturing processes in strict compliance with the process specifications.

The company has 120 machine tools. Metal-cutting machine tools, mostly universal, can produce parts with a diameter of up to 600 mm and linear dimensions of up to 3000 mm with an international tolerance grade of 6 or 7 and parts of frames with a length of up to 2000 mm and a lower IT Grade.

CJSC Geophysmash can perform the following manufacturing operations:

—turning, milling, jig-boring, drilling, planing, threading, surface grinding, cylindrical grinding, engraving, stamping, bending and manual operations;

—welding and heat treatment;


—painting, varnishing and electroplating;

—coating with precious metals (gilding, silvering);

—making articles out of rubber compounds and molding materials (such as glass fiber reinforced plastic) by compression molding with a 100 metric ton press;

—automatic and manual assemblage of printed-circuit boards;

—manufacture of transformers for the radio-electronic products.

Production tools including blanking and bending dies and molds are made by the company itself.

Assembly shop

Line on installation of radio-electronic components

Hardinge TALENT 6/45
Lathe with Fanuc OiTC computer numerical control

Hardinge GS 250 L
long-bed lathe with Fanuc OiTC CNC

Hydraulic guillotine-shears

Hydraulic bending press
АМАDА HFE-M2-100.3/4/A

МАХ-1250 hydraulic CNC
punch press made by TAILIFT

The line of thermal processing of semifinished
products and details

Winding machine
RUFF RWE-Global (Germany)

Vertical machining center

One of the company’s distinctive features is keeping a minimum inventory of finished products at our warehouses whereby we markedly reduce delivery time while taking into account the requirements of each particular customer.

Finished products warehouse

LLC Geophysmash employs 190 people, including 77 engineers.

Aside from purely technical and applied problems of manufacturing geophysical instruments, the company’s personnel does a lot of research and development aimed at creating state-of-the-art instrumentation, software and procedures.

The company pays attention to its clients’ comments, takes them into account when designing new or upgrading existing equipment and provides warranty services (within 18 months from the time of purchase) as well as post-warranty services for all of its products.

Aspiration to make work with our equipment as much as possible convenient our experts have developed special Training courses.

Our enterprise is opened for clients, therefore we with pleasure invite under the program Round of "Geofizmash" where possibility to get acquainted with the enterprise will be presented, its possibilities and also to take pleasure in sights of Saratov.

Thanks to high competence of our personnel, their strong feeling of responsibility for one’s work and excellent organization of operations, we can produce reliable state-of-the-art equipment.

  LLC "Geophysmash"
129 Kraynaya street, Saratov 410019, Russian Federation
+7 (8452) 47 77 00